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Automation and monitoring for Marine industry 

Expert in built-in automation, M3e set up and program your control and supervision system.

The integration of all your systems will allow you to collect data of your ship, no matter the size.

This acquisition will support many applications for a more efficient output and improve your vessel safety;

To anticipate   necessary repairing services, your automations can also include an electronic alarm system

 Refit, modifications, equipment installation and electrical design, our team will propose you innovative solutions perfectly fitted for your boat.

Automation and Monitoring

Process and display 

Measurements acquisitions (pressure, temperature, speed, transfer, humidity, level...)

Selection of sensors and interfaces for measurements acquisition

Selection of actuators (valves, engine, pulser, variable frequency drive)

We use several programming languages (Labwiev...)

We work with the following manufacturer

National Instruments Siemens Schneider  Mitsubishi ABB Foxboro Omron
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Screen Data viewing (speed meter, temperature, pressure, alarm)

We create synoptics to facilitate data viewing

Points of local viewing allowing to display data on specific place, for example engine room, bridge, control room.

We operate on networks as Modbus, Can, NMEA, Profibus

Data recording and exportation

AccueilDesign & development

We develop a full diagnostic for bespoke solutions; Our work is completed by an electrical survey and circuit diagram. 


Set-up, coupling,rewires, settings....

Tests and trials are a priority in order to deliver a fully efficiant system


Update, set-up, reparation, services

We provide recommandations for modification, upgrade and maintenance of your electric system, power management  and automatic control


We modernize your existing installations with fitted solutions suitable for your vessel's structure and appropriate with your current system.

AccueilOn board

We work on board, at the port, in France and oversea. 

Monotoring naval Marseille