Electricity power : M3e in Marseille 

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Power management in marine field 

An efficient control and management of your electric power help to improve the energy output and the environment protection.

That's why we make sure to set up safe and clean installations.

Process Management

  • Management power supply Automatisation

We perform connexion of several power generators in order to secure your installations and to improve power productivity;

  • Shore connection

Handling of shore power with frequency variator.

puissance electriquepuissance electrique

AccueilDesign & development

We develop a full diagnostic for bespoke solutions; Our work is completed by an electrical survey and circuit diagram. 


Set-up, coupling,rewires, settings....

Tests and trials are a priority in order to deliver a fully efficiant system


Update, set-up, reparation, services

We provide recommandations for modification, upgrade and maintenance of your electric system, power management  and automatic control


We modernize your existing installations with fitted solutions suitable for your vessel's structure and appropriate with your current system.

AccueilOn board

We work on board, at the port, in France and oversea.